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Computer Repair tips, tricks, tweaks, help & Educational Software

EduSoftMax is a Toronto based IT Company. For more than 15 years, we have been providing thousands of satisfied users with easy-to-use and cost-effective educational software that run on their existing Windows personal computers. We have over 100 English learning and math learning software. The price is starting at $1.

Our other computer repair services in Toronto (including free online pc repair tips, tricks, tweaks, help) are as follows:

Without security enhanced over your computer, simple computer repair means nothing. We have over 10 years of computer security experience and will help you secure your computer!

1. Computer repair.
2. Data recovery.
3. Website development.
4. clean pc virus.
5. Computer networking.
6. Computer security.
7. Operating system password lost recovery.
8. PC clean-up (speed up computer greatly).
9. Find free anti-virus software or other info.
10. Internet sales promotion.
11. Watch internet movies on big screen TV.

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We also provide you with lots of computer repair tips, tricks, tweaks, and guide in the following.

Computer / pc repair tips, guide, tricks, tweaks, and how-to

computer repair tips, pc repair guide, tricks, tweaks, how to include the following topics: upgrade computer memory, power supply, registry problems, DVD drive, memory, monitor, hard disk, Networking, beep code troubleshooting, networking, backup utility, network printer setup, blue screen error code, windows services, speed up, virus protection, security, raid, save energy, remove BIOS password, upgrade, flash bios, USB, CPU, motherboard, sound, audio, boot.ini, disable internet connection, install & use recovery console, mouse, keyboard, wireless network security, clean up computer system, windows automactic update, repair dvd, cd drive, fix dead laptop, notebook, no repair option in setup cd, common protocols, firewall, network card, osi model, get new ip address, ethernet, activex, cookie, dhcp, dns, mac address, printer,scanner, kerberos, msconfig, infrared, javascript, convert to ntfs, change drive letter, block, save websites, system file checker, event view, log,disable login, basic disk, dynamic disk, DirectX, remote desktop, remote assistance, start menu, send to, html color code, virtual pc, ascii character set, outlook express, fdisk, expansion slot, bandwidth, disk compression, activate windows, wga, resize partition, speed up windows 7, vista, device manager error code, serial, parallel port, firmware, firewire, dvi port, s-video port, surge suppressor, ups, case, video adapter, card, process list, glossary, certificate service, active directory, domain controller, DOS attack, spoofing attack, back door attack, man-in-the-middle attack, tcp/ip hijacking attack, relay attack, ping, virtual drive, lcd monitor, disable, enable ie autocomplete, windows fax, remove windows hidden programs, install, remove fonts, briefcase, synchronize files, cross-linked file, vpn, nat, vlan, apipa, DSL, Cable Internet, pop3, imap, dynamic, static ip address, mimo, nslookup, tracert, ipconfig, voip, taskbar, content advisor, thumbnail images, l1, l2, l3 cache, computer bus, autorun, ipsec, svchost.exe, windows explorer, hide drives, batch file, network cabling, 32-bit, 64-bit processor, and dvd regions.

Basics and common computer problems:

1. Things you should know about computer
2. Buy new and used computers tips
3. Computer troubleshooting guide
4. Beep Code Troubleshooting
5. Blue Screen Error Code List
6. How to edit boot.ini file
7. Troubleshoot dead laptop
8. Windows shortcut / hot key list
9. How to use Windows troubleshooting tools
10. How to change file associations?
11. How to save webpage?
12. Common Computer Acronyms
13. Basic disk vs dynamic disk and conversion
14. Common computer file extension list
15. What is Direct Memory Access (DMA)?
16. How to identify expansion slot?
17. How to compress hard disk drive?
18. What is Device Manager and how to use it?
19. Device Manager error code and its fix
20. What is parallel port and how it works?
21. What is serial port and how it works?
22. What is firmware and how it works?
23. What is firewire and how it works?
24. What is DVI port and how it works?
25. What is HDMI port and how it works?
26. What is s-video port and how to use s-video port?
27. Memory module types
28. How to register / unregister dll?
29. Things you need to know about Wireless Network
30. Commonly used Computer, A+ glossary
31. Google search tips, tricks, secrets
32. What is active directory?
33. What is domain controller, how to create it?
34. How to enlarge / zoom ie or document font easily?
35. How to synchronize files between two or more computers?
36. What is cross-linked file and how to fix it?
37. What is PC L1, L2, L3 cache, how L1, L2, L3 cache works?
38. What is northbridge, southbridge, how they work?
39. What is computer bus, how pc bus works?
40. What is ipsec, how ipsec works?
41. What is svchost.exe, how svchost.exe works?
42. Difference: 32-bit, 64-bit processor and how to verify?
43. Common Windows utility commands for Run
44. Laptop vs netbook


1. How to setup home network
2. How to install, configure network card?
3. How to block internet connection?
4. OSI networking model
5. Common network protocols
6. Common network ports
7. Computer Networking Troubleshooting Tips
8. How to change, get new, or hide IP address
9. What is hub, switch, or router?
10. What is Ethernet and how it works?
11. How to map a network drive?
12. What is P2P networking?
13. What is bluetooth and how it works?
14. What is DHCP and how it works?
15. What is DNS and how it works?
16. What is MAC address?
17. What is Infrared communication?
18. How to hide your computer from network user?
19. How to use remote desktop?
20. How to use remote assistance?
21. Network types
22. Network topologies
23. What is bandwidth?
24. Display my ip address
25. How to repair internet explorer in Windows XP?
26. How to use Ping command with options, switch?
27. What is vpn and how to setup, connect, troubleshoot VPN?
28. What is nat and how nat works?
29. What is vlan, how vlan works, and how to set up vlan?
30. What is apipa, how apipa works, how to disable apipa?
31. DSL and Cable Internet comparison
32. What is the difference between pop3 and imap?
33. How to use dynamic & static ip address at the same time?
34. What is mimo and how mimo works?
35. What is nslookup and how to use nslookup?
36. What is tracert and how to use tracert?
37. What is ipconfig, how to use ipconfig and its options?
38. Connect two pcs directly without hub, switch, router
39. How to hide shared folder from network users?
40. What is VOIP and how VOIP works?
41. Network cabling tutorial: Standard, type, connector
42. How to set up wireless network?
43. How to shutdown, logoff, restart pc on network?


1. How to choose, upgrade computer memory guide & tips
2. Computer memory troubleshooting guide
3. Power supply troubleshooting guide
4. DVD drive troubleshooting guide
5. Computer monitor troubleshooting guide
6. Computer hard disk troubleshooting guide
7. How to set up network printer
8. Raid: increase data performance, reliability
9. Save computer energy usage tips
10. How to use USB version 2 - guide and tips
11. How to troubleshoot motherboard tips & guide
12. How to troubleshoot CPU tips & guide
12. How to troubleshoot sound / audio problems
13. How to troubleshoot computer keyboard
14. How to troubleshoot computer mouse
15. How to repair dvd / cd drive
16. How to extend laptop battery's life
17. What are IDE, EIDE, ATA, Ultra ATA, and SATA?
18. How to troubleshoot printer?
19. How to troubleshoot scanner?
20. What is AGP and how it works?
21. DVD regions information
22. How to use Keyboard as Mouse when mouse not working?
23. How to add a new hard disk / drive?
24. How to recover scratched CD / DVD data?
25. Things you should know about computer case?
26. Surge Suppressors and UPSs
27. External hard disk: info, repair, install
28. Video adapter: choose, install, configure, troubleshoot
29. How to make a temprary Microphone if you don't have one?
30. How to buy LCD monitor?
31. How to get more disk space easily?
32. How to upgrade video / graphic card?

Operating System:

1. List of command line utilities
2. How to fix registry problems tips & guide
3. Back up files & folders using Backup utility
4. How to remove BIOS password
5. How to upgrade / flash bios-guide and tips
6. How to install / use recovery console
7. Why no repair option in setup cd and solution?
8. What's computer driver, how to install, update?
9. Computer won't shut down
10. How to disable Windows Messenger?
11. What is msconfig and how to use it?
12. What is task manager and how to use it?
13. Remove email notification at log-in screen
14. How to change the windows drive letter?
15. How to back up registry?
16. How to convert fat32 to ntfs?
17. How to open Internet Explorer maximized?
18. How to convert xp home to professional?
19. How to burn / write cd with Windows xp?
20. How to use system file checker?
21. How to use event viewer (event log)?
22. How to disable internet explorer click sound?
23. How to disable Windows xp login?
24. What is DirectX and how to use it?
25. How to add Windows Notepad in Send To?
26. What is fdisk and how to use it?
27. How to change My Document location?
28. How to activate windows?
29. How to bypass Windows Genuine Advantage Notification?
30. How to resize partition in Vista and Windows 7?
31. Install multiple Operating Systems in same computer?
32. How to create one-click Windows' shutdown or reboot?
33. How to turn off all system beeps?
34. How to send cmd / dos output to a file?
35. How to create a virtual dirve?
36. How to send, receive fax with windows xp?
37. How to remove unused windows hidden programs?
38. How to install, remove windows fonts?
39. What is windows taskbar and how to use windows taskbar?
40. How to end non-responsive task automatically?
41. How to enlarge windows thumbnail images?
42. How to reboot windows without restarting computer?
How to set Windows Explorer's default startup folder?
44. How to alphabetize start menu?
45. How to disable auto restart feature?
46. How to change thumbnail size, quality in Windows?
47. How to hide drives in windows?
48. How to turn off laptop screen?
49. Document print made easy - without opening file!
50. Delete single item in internet explorer form data
51. Windows XP boot / startup sequence
52. Windows 7 and Vista boot / startup sequence
53. What is boot defragment and how to do it?
54. How to fit more icons on your desktop?
55. How to control inactive system tray icon?
56. How to delete files without going to recycle bin?
57. Change default directory of software installation
58. How to lower laptop temperature?
59. How to close laptop lid with power on?
60. How to expand the Control Panel to the Start Menu?

Speed up computer:

1. Unnecessary windows Services
2. Speed Up Computer
3. How to clean up computer
4. How to speed up internet and windows browsing?
5. How to speed up Start Menu?
6. How to speed up Vista or Windows 7 using USB drive?
7. How to speed up Windows 7 shut down time?
8. How to speed up laggy, slow online game?
9. How to overclock a computer processor, cpu?
10. Change pagefile.sys location for better performance


1. Computer Security Tips
2. Protect Virus Attack
3. Type of viruses and how they are created
4. How to disable internet connection
5. Wireless network security
6. How to turn on windows automactic update
7. What is firewall and how it works?
8. What is ActiveX control and how it works?
9. What is cookie and how it works?
10. What is kerberos and how it works?
11. What is java script and how it works?
12. How to block unwanted websites?
13. What is the MS Malicious Software Removal Tool?
14. What is Free MS Windows Defender security tool?
15. Windows & virus process list: name, id, description
16. How to install MS certificate service & SSL certificate?
17. What is DOS attack and how to prevent it?
18. What is spoofing attack and how to prevent it?
19. What is back door attack and how to prevent it?
20. What is man-in-the-middle attack and how to prevent it?
21. What is tcp/ip hijacking attack and how to prevent it?
22. What is relay attack and how to prevent it?
23. Useful tips on blocking web ads and ad websites list
24. How to stop and report email spam?
25. Ports commonly used by Trojan virus with names?
26. How to disable / enable ie autocomplete?
27. How to recover content advisor password lost?
28. What is autorun, how to disable cd or usb auto run?
29. How to disable internet explorer password caching?
30. How to disable write to usb?


1. Outlook Express tutorial
2. Outlook: set up email account
3. How to download emails to your computer?
4. Excel: How to use formulas?
5. Excel: How to use functions?
6. Microsoft Word: How to create table?
7. Convert Microsoft Word file to .PDF file
8. What is virtual pc and how it works?
9. Useful outlook shortcut keys
10. Useful excel shortcut keys
11. Useful word shortcut keys
12. How to protect MS Office document with password?
13. How to add author information into Word document?


1. HTML tutorial
2. Javascript tutorial
3. Java Code Search Engine
4. Standard ASCII Character Set
5. HTML color code picker
6. SEO, search engine optimization: tips, tricks, secrects
7. Windows batch file programming tutorial
8. Common SQL statements and examples
9. How to create a custom 404 error web page?


1. Website Solution - starting from $10
2. Mortgage Calculator
3. Sales promotion (including ebay, craigslist, kijiji).

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